How does selling to a cash buyer save me money?

You’ve made the decision to sell your property. The next step is to choose how to go about getting it sold. Most Realtors will seek to list your property at the highest price they can in hopes of a obtaining the highest commission. This sounds great until, you examine the possible pitfalls. If your property is overpriced, it may sit on the market for 6 months. During that period you as the owner are still responsible for upkeep, maintenance, utilities, mortgage payments, insurance, and other potential headaches.  All of these headaches can be gone if you choose to sell your house fast with Beltway Home Buyer.

Many owners don’t know that if a property remains vacant for over 30 days, the insurance can lapse and your coverage can be dropped. Now you run the chance of having to foot the repair bill is something breaks or is damaged. We’ve worked with sellers in the past whose property was broken into and the copper piping and wiring was stolen and when they went to file a claim learned their property’s insurance had lapsed due to vacancy. Don’t allow yourself to have this happen, at minimum call your insurance company and find a solution to this.

Next, assuming you have a buyer interested in your property who makes an acceptable offer, you can begin to move towards closing. If you are living in your property you’ll have to arrange a rent-back situation, or find temporary housing, if you need the money from the sale to buy your new home. The buyer will choose the date of closing and you will be at their mercy to obtain qualified financing. Additionally, the appraisal may come back under the contract price and the buyer would have to come to settlement with additional money out of pocket. How many buyers getting financing to buy a home have extra money set aside for these types of emergencies? You may have to lower your contract price to get to closing. You’ll also be held hostage by the finance bank that will be providing your buyer their loan. If they have any issues, it’s you that’ll have to continue caring for the property.

Once closing day arrives, you’ll be paying your Realtor and your buyer’s Realtor up to 6% of the sale price. You may also be giving the buyer closing help to the tune of thousands of dollars.  There is an easier way to sell your property fast.

Start to finish you will be involved for months in the sale of your property.

We have helped many sellers in similar situations find a much easier solution. We have closed on the day the seller wanted. We have paid for moving expenses. We have arranged for properties to be cleaned out with items donated to charity and churches. Sellers obtain a fair price offer for their property in its current condition. They haven’t had to make any repairs. No insurance issues. No paying two mortgages, draining your hard earned savings. Many sellers have recommended Beltway Home Buyer to friends and family. Tim, Ed, & Beth have provided outstanding customer service to many sellers and created win-win solutions to their housing problems.

Give us a call today 443-295-3856 to talk about possible solutions to your housing problem. We can’t guarantee you’ll decide to sell to us, but we can promise we will listen and offer the best solution for you and your situation.

If you have a question or just want to talk and get advice, use the chat bar at the bottom of this page. We look forward to helping you sell your house quickly.

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